17:英検対策1級(Eiken Grade 1)

09: Eiken Grade 1 Vocabularies Lesson 9

Part 1: Vocabulary words

1. integral adjective [in-ti-gruhl, in-teg-ruhl]
a necessary or significant part of a whole; important to complete the whole
■Example: Everyone is an integral part of the project’s success.
□Note: What do you think is the most integral part of your life?

2. valiant adjective [val-yuhnt]
being brave or done with bravery; bravely courageous
■Example: After the tragic disaster, many people volunteered to do valiant rescues for the people who were trapped in the flood.
□NOTE: Would you be willing to do a valiant act even if it means risking your life?

3. serene adjective [suh-reen]
peaceful, calm and unaffected by any disturbance
■Example: People go miles to visit that place because of its serene and cathartic aura.
□Note: How would you describe a serene mood?

4. fraught adjective [frawt]
emotional; filled with or causing distress
■Example: It was a task fraught with danger, so he was hesitant to do it.
□Note: It comes from the Middle English word ‘fraght’, which means ‘to load’.

5. reclusive adjective [ri-klu-ziv]
solitary; isolated; preferring seclusion or isolation
■Example: Polar bears are reclusive animals and they prefer being alone unless it’s breeding season or when they have cubs.
□Note: Do you consider yourself a reclusive person, or do you prefer socializing with people?

6. flimsy adjective [flim-zee]
weak; without strength; fragile; inadequate
■Example: That flimsy building will surely collapse even in the weakest earthquake that would hit the city.
□Note: What do you think would happen to a branch that is flimsily hanging?

7. catastrophically adverb [kat-uh-stro-fi-kal-lee]
done in unfortunate circumstances or with unfortunate consequences; disastrously
■Example: His plan for a better future ended catastrophically.
□Note: It is rare to use this word as an adverb.

8. dogmatic adjective [dawg-mat-ik, dog-]
authoritatively asserted or unchallengeable
■Example: Hundreds of years ago, friars were dogmatic and could not relate to the impoverished people.
□Note: This word comes from the Latin word ‘dogmaticus.

9. insular adjective [in-suh-ler, ins-yuh-]
related to an island
■Example: Your skill is more than what you have learned through insular experience.
□Note: It comes from the Late Latin word ‘insularis’, which means ‘of or pertaining to an island’.

10. intimidated adjective [in-tim-i-dey-tid]
to fill with fear or to make one timid; to force someone into action by inducing fear
■Example: Do not be intimidated by people who are wearing suits. You might have skills and a brain that are much better than theirs.
□Note: Why do you think some people intentionally intimidate other people?

Part2: Exercise 1

Give the word being asked for each number.

■integral ■valiant ■serene  ■fraught ■reclusive
■flimsy  ■catastrophically ■dogmatic  ■insular ■intimidated

__________ 1. emotional; filled with or causing distress
__________ 2. being brave or done with bravery; bravely courageous
__________ 3. authoritatively asserted or unchallengeable
__________ 4. a necessary or significant part of a whole; important to complete the whole
__________ 5. to fill with fear or to make one timid; to force someone into action by inducing fear
__________ 6. having unfortunate circumstances
__________ 7. related to an island
__________ 8. peaceful, calm and unaffected by any disturbance
__________ 9. weak; without strength; fragile; inadequate
__________ 10. solitary; isolated; preferring seclusion or isolation

Part2: Exercise 2

Choose the correct words to complete the sentences below.

1. The native inhabitants of the land have kept their ____________ culture alive for centuries despite worldwide industrialization and globalization. They have resisted any kind of foreign intrusion and defied any call for a change to their land.

a. valiant      b. insular      c. dogmatic      d. serene

2. That volcano had been dormant for centuries and didn’t give any warnings until it ____________ exploded in the most unexpected season of the year. Instead of having a festive mood for the holidays, people grieved for all the damaged hard-earned properties and the lives that were lost.

a. flimsily      b. reclusively     c. catastrophically      d. valiantly

3. The stout-hearted men of World War II were regarded with so much esteem by the people of the new generation. These ___________ soldiers not only showed bravery but also a heart for every human being they soulfully protected.

a. fraught      b. valiant      c. serene      d.insular

4. Daniel Day-Lewis, a superstar, has led a very strange, ___________ and solitary life. He takes comfort in drinking alone on a barstool while profoundly avoiding eye contact with well-heeled fellow guests. Some people even think of him as anti social.

a. flimsy      b. serene      c. reclusive      d. dogmatic

5. Even though he puts forth the image of a stern and commanding boss, he still sometimes gets ___________ by people who are much more skilled and experienced than he is. Perhaps, beneath the strong mask he’s wearing, he still has a lot of insecurities within.

a. intimidated      b. integral     c. catastrophic      d. fraught

6. Computer manufacturers heightened their standards in assuring the quality of their products, but the machines are still a bit _________. The QA team is now thinking of a new system of constructing more advanced equipment, although it may require a high budget that may not be approved.

a. integral     b. serene      c. reclusive      d. flimsy

7. Gazing at the glowing stars in that _____________ blue sky brings joy and peace to a tumultuous heart. Some suggest that this can be good private therapy for those who are having dilemmas and experiencing ordeals in their lives.

a. catastrophic      b. fraught      c. serene      d. dogmatic

8. Armenian _____________ literature is opulent in creeds; some of them actually have remained unpublished. The two which follow have a claim on general interest because one of them bears the name of Athanasius, who is the American counterpart to the famous Latin ‘spurium’, while the other one is an inquisitive commentary on a renowned text.

a. dogmatic     b. reclusive     c. catastrophic     d. insular

9. The proposal that the IT team is preparing will play _____________ role in the success of this new project. Even the smallest mistake that the team might commit would surely be detrimental to the plan. This is why the team has held regular meetings for the thorough planning of the project.

a. an integral      b. a valiant     c. a flimsy      d. an intimidated

10. Britain’s relationship with Israel has been increasingly ____________ ever since Mr. Cameron visited Turkey and called Gaza a ‘prison camp’. This remark sent a shiver down the spines of Israeli officials, thus causing a distressed relationship between the two countries.

a. serene     b. fraught     c. insular     d. reclusive