Application Process



Send your CV, resume and photo to HR by email at
Make sure that you submit complete and accurate information.
HR will contact you through email if you were able to pass the documentary exam.


Undergo an Assessment

Once the HR contacted you, you will need to contact the facilitator to decided a schedule for a demo lesson.
The Demo Lesson is a simulation of an actual KEYEYE lesson, wherein your teaching capabilities and lesson environment will be assessed.
Remember to read and understand the entire demo lesson guide found in the email from HR.



Once you pass the Demo Lesson, a one-on-one Skype orientation will be given by a trainer before startiing lessons with students.
The trainer will give necessary information and explanation for tutors.
Give your available schedule to your trainer for your start date.


Complete your Tutor Profile

Your tutor profile is the student's reference when booking a tutor.
You need to submit a profile photo, a movie introduction, and a written introduction.
You also need to includeyour work experience and your interests before starting lessons with students.


Start Conducting Lesson

Start having lessons from the date you and the trainer set in the orientation.
The admin and JP office staffs are going to support you when you have any concerns, questions, etc... to ensure a smooth lesson with your students.

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Send your CV/Resume, Photo by email at

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