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Hello! My name is teacher Jelai, I have been teaching English since the year 2013. My hobbies are watching TV and dancing. I like this job because teaching other people makes me feel happy and fulfilled. Knowing that I can possibly inspire and be a part of the learning experiences of others make me feel motivated. My training method is, first discuss the material, and then I allow my students to ask questions and raise any clarifications and other concerns regarding the subject matter. I would like to ask everyone to enroll and join us here in the company. Live a stress free and fun life while learning English!

生徒の皆さんはじめまして、こんにちは! 私の名前はJelai(ジェライ)先生です。 2013年頃から英語の先生としてのキャリアを本格的にスタートしましたが、生徒さんに英語を教えて喜んで頂けたり、結果を出して頂いたときほど、先生として幸せや達成感を感じることはありません。 英語を頑張ろう、または楽しもうとされている生徒さんに、先生の知識や情報をすべてお伝えしながら 英語を楽しく学んで頂くことで、生徒さんの人生や経験に少しでもプラスになり、英語ライフや人生そのものにプラスな影響やモチベートできる力になれたら誠に幸いです。 先生のレッスンは、特に英語が初心者の方や中級レベルの生徒さんに最適なスタイルかと思いますので、英語がまったく話せない小さい子供さんから大人の方まで、ぜひ積極的にご参加くださいね。 お休みの時には、大好きなダンスをしたり家でテレビ環境をしていることが多いです。 是非とも先生のクラスで生徒の皆さんとお会いできるのを、心待ちに致しております。(^^) 英語を楽しく身に付けることにより、有意義な楽しい人生を一緒に送って行けたらいいですね♪

2018-11-27楽しかったです ありがとうございます
2018-11-27thank you very much for the lesson! Noah explained to me that he now knows Quater!! and he is playing with his toy clock and show me quater past 3! Which is amazing. Thank you very much.
2018-11-26すごーく楽しかったです ありがとうございます
2018-11-04Thanks for the fun great lesson! Looking forward to seeing you again.
2018-10-29娘がおお喜びで話していました ありがとうございます
2018-10-28楽しくお話しできたみたいです ありがとうございます
2018-10-27Speaking English is difficult for me ,but I enjoyed your lesson. Your lesson was very carefully for me.Thank you so much.See you soon.
2018-10-26Thank you so much!See you next time
2018-10-20Thank you for the wonderful lesson!
2018-10-20Dear, teacher Jelay, thank you for your wonderful and amazing lesson.
2018-10-18thank you for teaching me today. please teach me a to again next time. see you soon!
2018-10-18sorry i missed your lesson. i came home at 5:20pm. see you soon.
2018-10-17Thank you very much for the great lesson!
2018-10-14Thank you for the wonderful lesson!
2018-10-14とーっても楽しくお話しさせていただきありがとうございました ドアごしに娘が楽しそうに笑っている声が聞こえてきました
2018-10-08Thank you.
2018-10-07Thank you for the wonderful lesson!
2018-09-24Thanks for fun lesson!
2018-09-23Thank you very much!
2018-09-02Thank you very much!
2018-09-01Thank you very much!
2018-08-19Thank you for the wonderful lesson. I had fun. Take care and see you again!
2018-08-15Thank you for always having fun lessons.
2018-08-09集中力のない娘にあわせて下さり、ありがとうございました。 Hi,five thums up! 今日初めて教えてもらったことも、もう覚えました!
2018-07-29Thank you so much! See you again
2018-07-28==❤︎❤︎ Thank you ❤︎❤︎== ☆very very very much☆
2018-07-09thank u for the good lesson, I could increase new vocabulary through the lesson.
2018-06-30Thank you so much for your fun lesson.
2018-06-04thanks for fun class. FYI since Kentaro went to Malaysian local school and mainly spoke in English most of his life although he is not able to read English but he is pretty good at animal names.
2018-05-13Thank you for your patient and kind lesson today. She enjoyed your class today. See you next time.
2018-05-05Thank your for listening to my story, hope to talk to you soon !
2018-04-28Thank you.
2018-04-23Thank you for telling me kindly in the past.I am sorry that Skype was bad.Mayu just got home from kindergarten and got sleepy and I'm sorry.Thank you for teaching me happily.Also thank you.
2018-04-21Thank you so much
2018-04-17Today's lesson was a lot of fun.My daughter feels like hearing a story more than usual.Thank you for telling me kindly.
2018-04-13Thank you for your great lesson!
2018-03-25Thank you very much for your lesson. I really enjoyed it and hope to see you soon.
2018-03-25Thank you for a fun lesson! It was nice to seeing you.
2018-03-18Thank you for telling me kindly today.I had a good time. Again,thank you.
2018-03-05Thank you for your nice lesson!
2018-03-03Thank you for telling me kindly today. When the eacher is talking, What should I do when I have unfamiliar words. Thank you for telling me.Thank you for your consideration
2018-02-27It was a great learning. Thank you so much!
2018-02-26My daughter said that she enjoyed her very much. I'm sorry I made a noise. Thank you for telling me kindly.
2018-02-07Thank you so much for today. He didn’t know how to answer. But he said that your lesson was fun.
2018-02-07The Casio watch talk was very fun!! thanks!!
2018-02-03Thank you so much for teaching me carefully and clearly today. It was a fun lesson.
2018-01-13Thank you so much!
2018-01-13Thank you for your nice lesson!
2017-12-23She answers my doubts very carefully.
2017-11-30Thanks for tearing me. I wanna speak English flentry as soon as l can . So l try to do my best ! See you !
2017-11-18Thank you for a fun time. The child had a smile throughout the class.
2017-11-05Thank you for your interesting lesson today. She enjoyed your class and could learn new English words and phrases.
2017-11-04Thank you for giving me the nice lesson even though you have a cold. See you soon in your class. Take care of yourself!
2017-10-30Thank you for teaching.You are very kind and friendly!
2017-10-05Pwerte good!
2017-09-21Thank you for your interesting lesson and helpful advice! See you next time.
2017-09-10I am enjoying to talk with you.
2017-09-09Thank you for the lesson. You always encourage her.
2017-08-27Thank you very much for correcting my English today. I hope to see you again.
2017-08-26I really enjoyed your class and learnd new things from it. Thanks a lot.