性別 女性
レッスン回数 2238
お気に入り追加数 83
レッスン予約率 93.91%
大学 Central Luzon Doctors' Hospital Educational Institution(CLDH.EI)
専攻 看護学
趣味 お料理、歌、読書、食べること(特にチョコレート)など

自己紹介 事務局からの紹介 評価情報

Hello Everyone ! Hi! My Name is Ami. I love singing, cooking, reading and eating chocolates. I have been teaching English since 2000 and until now I am still in love and devoted to it. I started my teaching career after I graduated Nursing. I found myself enjoying whenever I am teaching children and adults with different nationalities , and this was the reason why I chose to be an English teacher both online and offline. I discovered that this is my passion and I don’t feel tired of it. My main goal is to make my students feel comfortable and fantastic while studying with me. I would like to motivate them and give them the experience that learning other language is fun in a way that they won't feel any pressure. I’m here to learn with you guys, we will help each other and together we will improve and be more victorious. So what are we waiting for? Come and join with us. Surely, you will learn and have fun. Have a nice day everyone!

生徒の皆さん、はじめまして!Ami(エイミー)先生です。 2000年から今日まで、英語の先生という魅力的なお仕事に携わっていますが、大学では看護学を学びました。 これまでオンライン英会話の先生としてはもちろん、オフライン英会話の先生としても指導して参りましたが、様々な違う背景や国籍の子供さんから大人の生徒さんと接する機会は、本当に貴重で常に自分も学びや楽しさを感じることができます、まさにこれが今でも英語の先生を続けさせて頂けている理由の1つです 初期のころはそれほど気づいていませんでしたが、英語の先生のお仕事にのめりこむにつれて、自分がどれだけ大好きで情熱を注いでいるか実感し、生徒さんのためを思うと疲れも吹き飛び、もっと努力して頑張りたいと常に思えます。 先生のレッスン毎に掲げるゴールの1つとして、リラックスして気張らずレッスンを楽しんでいただける空間を設けて、そして充実感や何か価値を見出していただける場を提供したいということがあります。 そして常に生徒さんを元気づけモチベートできる存在となり、外国語、英語を学ぶことはプレッシャーよりも楽しさや喜びが多くあるということを、お伝えしまたご一緒に共有したくおもっています。 先生の趣味は、お料理、歌、読書、食べること(特にチョコレート)などですので、フリートークをご希望の方で共通の趣味などがあれば、ぜひ生徒さん側からもお気軽に話を振ってくださいね。 ご一緒に悩み、ご一緒に考え、ご一緒に学び、ご一緒にぜひ喜びや楽しさを分かち合い、皆さんのゴールや目的を達成しましょう! 近いうちにレッスンでお会いできることを、今から楽しみにしています♪

2020-03-14I enjoyed talking with you! You're very nice teacher ♡
2020-01-21いつもの通り楽しい授業でした。thank you very much!
2019-10-29Thank you so much for the fun lesson. I like your lesson and I think my son also enjoyed.See you in the next time!
2019-10-29初めてのオンラインレッスンで緊張していたのですが、とても楽しく、また学びのあるレッスンでした。 I was a little bit nervous but you supported me a lot. So, at the end, I really enjoyed your lesson. I'm looking forward to taking your lesson soon.
2019-10-28Your Halloween hat is very good !
2019-10-27Dear, teacher Ami, thank you for your child-friendly lesson!
2019-10-16You describe something concretely. I became interested in talking with new people.
2019-10-15I'm lucky to have your lessons
2019-10-09Your words, facial expressions and gestures are pleasant to listen to English. I'm addicted to you
2019-10-08Thank you so much for showing me some kinds of pictures that let me know more information about the Philippines. I'm sure my second trip there will be wonderful.
2019-10-08Thank you so much!Your lessons are always fun and I am also having a great time with you.
2019-10-02We can share passion and dedication for education. I'm so inspired by what l learn from you. Everything you teach me is so new to me✨
2019-09-30Thank you teacher Ami. I want to learn more with you! I think it is very fun!
2019-09-27I was very fun. I like teacher Ami's lesson!
2019-09-24I am happy because I can talk with teacher Ami in my first lesson.
2019-09-20Thank you so much for the time today! I enjoyed our canversation about our culture and I like your personality.
2019-09-17レッスンコメントに感動しました。 初めての単語でも、とても印象に残る説明をして下さり、その場で覚えられました。 ありがとうございます。
2019-09-05Thank you so much Ami.Our conversation was fun and I had a wonderful time with you!
2019-08-30It was very fun. Thank you for your great lesson.
2019-08-28Thank you so much for your happy lesson! See you next time.
2019-08-28Thank you so much for today!See you soon.
2019-08-19It was very fun! Thank you so much!!!
2019-08-12It was really fun! Thank you for the great lesson. See you next time.
2019-08-08Thank you for your useful lesson :) I learned a lot.
2019-08-07Thank you for the lesson.I had fun your lesson and my children also had fun!
2019-07-31Thank you so much for teaching lots of corrections.I had fun!
2019-07-30Thank you for your happy lesson. Your lesson is really fun. See you soon!
2019-07-29Thank you so much!Your smile encourage me.
2019-07-24It was a great lesson. Thank you so much!
2019-07-17Thank you so much for your wonderful lesson! She loves you so much!
2019-07-11My girl is really looking forward to seeing you soon!
2019-07-09Thank you for the great lesson. It was really fun and we enjoyed it very much.
2019-06-29Thank you so much! She had a wonderful time again! See you next time.
2019-06-26Thank you so much for your great lesson! She learned many things today too! See you next time
2019-06-15Thank you so much for your great lesson! My girl had a wonderful time again! She really enjoyed your happy lesson! Talk to you soon☺️
2019-06-12Thank you so much for giving her another great time! She is crazy about your happy lesson. She learned many words today. And she is still waving a magic wand which she used today! See you soon
2019-06-05Thank you so much for your nice lesson. It was very fun! She learned many words today. And she loves you very much. She asks me to take your lesson again as soon as possible!
2019-05-15It was really nice talking with you today. Thank you so much!
2019-05-12Thank you very much!
2019-05-09Thank you for the lesson.I enjoyed and your lesson was very useful to me.
2019-05-06Thank you for fun lesson. My daughter loves your class. See you soon.
2019-04-30Thank you very much!
2019-04-29Thank you for today’s lesson. Hanari enjoyed your lesson very much. She understands each key phrase well as you make sure if she gets it right. Thank you again and we would like you see you soon again
2019-04-28Thank you very much!
2019-04-25friendly and patient. THANK YOU!
2019-04-22Thank you so much for understanding what I wanted to say.It was fun lesson and I'm looking forward to seeing you and your children!
2019-04-19Thank you so much for correcting about my questions.I really appreciate your support! I'll do my best.
2019-04-16Thank you so much for today!I am glad that I was able to share today's topic and it was really fun time.See you soon!
2019-04-03Thank you very much!
2019-03-27Thank you very much!
2019-03-26Thank you very much!
2019-03-25Thank you very much!
2019-03-24Thank you very much!
2019-03-22Thank you so much and I also enjoyed your lesson.I was able to share our current situation.See you soon!
2019-03-21Thank you very much!
2019-03-20Thank you very much!
2019-03-14Thank you very much!
2019-03-12Thank you very much!
2019-03-10Thank you. Tomorrow let's have fun together. See you soon.
2019-03-08Thank you (*^-^*)
2019-03-06Thank you for talking to me, I enjoyed your lesson, hope to talk to you soon :)
2019-03-06Thank you for doing the lesson with me. It was fun. I want to book you again. See you soon!
2019-03-04Thank you very much for your kind lesson. My son enjoyed studying English!
2019-02-27i love your lesson
2019-02-22I'm so happy to see you today! Thank you for your excellent lesson!
2019-02-14You are very excellent teacher. See you again soon!
2019-02-12I like your class so much. Thank you for your wonderful class as always! See you again soon.
2019-02-04Thank you for your very interestign class so much. I really enjoyed it. See you again soon.
2019-01-29Thank you for very helpful class as always! I hope to see you again soon (*^-^*)
2019-01-28Thank you for your helpful and interesting chatting with me. I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon!
2019-01-24It was great to meet you today, I really enjoyed, hope to talk to you soon :)
2019-01-23Thank you for your fantastic class today! I enjoyed your lesson so much. See you again. (^-^)
2019-01-20Thank you for your fantastic lesson. Your passion as a teacher let me learn English more.
2019-01-16Thank you so much for your lesson! It was so fun. See you next time^^
2019-01-14Thank you for your very helpful lesson today. Your class taught me a lot. I hope to see you again soon.
2019-01-14I'm happy to take your class for the first time today. Your lesson is so jelpful to improve my English skills. See you again soon.